Do you prefer Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

Anything I know about New York I probably learnt from watching Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. When deciding on visiting New York I instantly thought we would stay somewhere in Manhattan close to Times Square and Central Park. I mean who wouldn’t want to live the Serena Van Der Woodsen life in Upper East Side.


After doing some research I realized that living the Dan Humphrey lonely boy life in Brooklyn wouldn’t be that bad either. A few miles from Manhattan, just over the bridge, is an amazing part of New York City. There is so much culture and the neighborhoods look great.

Have you visited New York? Are you more of an Upper East Side person or do you prefer Brooklyn? Let us know what your favourite places, restaurants and attractions are and we will be sure to visit them.



5 thoughts on “Do you prefer Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

  1. Oooh I’m definitely more or a Carrie Bradshaw kinda gal, but I’d have no problem setting foot in ol’ Brooks. One day when I actually get to go. HAHAHA 🙂 Good luck on your amazing journey, I’m sure you are going to have a fab time wherever you go.

  2. I have not been to New York , yet. But when I go ( cause I have to go before I die) :-p I will without a doubt be A Sarena van der Woodsen… Who wants culture if you can have Prada??? Maybe Brooklyn made him a lonely Boy! Hehehehe

  3. Cool piece Su. Having lived in NYC; I gotta recommend that you just be sincere to a NYC experience. The different areas are just sooo different. But all are awesome. And forget fomo – there’s just too much of everything going on, all the time.

    I’ve lived in a couple place in Brooklyn (Park Slope, Crown Heights, Williamsburg), and in most of Manhattan (UES, UWS, LES, Murray Hill) + worked in SOHO, China Town + Tribeca. So, I know NYC a little.

    Favourite place to stay: DUMBO in Brooklyn, just across from the south of Manhattan. Old warehouse buildings piques the turn of the century industry area as THE perfect place to play. But bring you wallet – agents here don’t mess around.

    In fact, your bridge picture is DUMBO… I highly recommend going on the horsie-roundabout overlooking Manhattan – it’s very cute. And there’s a fantastic roaster just on the other side of that building in your picture (above).

    Best coffee in the world: Intergral Café in SOHO – please send Cesar my regards.

    Tip: Download the “Yelp” app on arrival + play New York like a local.

    Best ice cream is the frozen fruit place on 17th Street just to the left of Union Sq. (about 6th or 7th Av.)

    Investigate why NYC has such a pizza-slice culture: clue look to the immigrants.

    Tip: Yanks don’t understand typical kettles found in kitchens – the oddest thing in the world.

    Tip: Don’t call a Southerner a Yank.

    PS: EUS – overrated. Find a place that is fun + stay there.
    PPS: Avoid Midtown + tourist-stuff as much as you can.

    Enjoy the adventure.

  4. Wouldn’t mind living in either, as long as I’m in/close to new York city. Although I wouldn’t mind living the life of SVDW because she’s loaded and basically always gets what she wants!

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