Tips for discounted travel

We have been extremely lucky to have amazing sponsors backing our road trip and generously sponsoring our accommodation, tours and food. Traveling can be extremely costly so I have put together some helpful tips that will help you travel on a discount.


I have traveled quite a bit over the past few years and must admit that I have found extremely useful for great deals on accommodation. A useful tip is to create a profile and then a wish list. monitors your behavior once logged in. For example if you are searching for hotels in Las Vegas then add some to your Wish List. tend to have “Secret Value Deals” which sometimes offers up to 80% off the regular price. If you have a profile and added certain cities to your wish list then you will get sent an email when hotels in those cities are offering deals.

Best Price Gurantee

There are many websites that offer a best price guarantee. This means that if you find the exact same booking on another website for cheaper, they will match that price and sometimes offer you a discount on top of that. If you have some time play around on booking engines and check if you can find a cheaper price to match the best price guarantee.


Groupon is amazing for discounted accommodation, food and attractions. All you have to do is create an account for the Groupon in the city you are visiting and wait for a deal that attracts you. There is tons of different deals and you will definitely find something which will benefit you.

Jet Setter

Jet Setter features hotels from all the world. It offers discounted hotel room rates for a select period of time. You can pick up some pretty amazing deals at 5* hotels in the Maldives for only $300 a night for example. It is definitely worth checking out.


Priceline offers the best deals on flights, hotels and rental cars. I saved this one for last because I have never used it but have heard quite a few mixed reviews. You can name your own price for hotel rooms and if your bid is accepted you will get the hotel for the price you asked for. The only downfall to this is that you don’t know which hotels you are booking. It is kept a surprise until the payment goes through. So, you could score an absolute bargain or not! It’s a gamble and if you are willing to take the risk then you will have to deal with the outcome.

Do you have any tips or useful hints on saving when traveling? I am sure there are tons of discount sites which I haven’t even looked at. Share them with us by leaving a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Tips for discounted travel

  1. Hey, Ive heard of I havent used it but I know of people who have. They were very happy as some of the places available are holiday homes for rent etc. I have used and to compare flight prices and get specials. Hope this helps 🙂 Looking forward to reading your ideas and experiences. After having such a wonderful time on our 1 month Europe holiday, we would like to plan something similar to the US 🙂

  2. Hey su!

    Thanks for the tips! I am current putting together a Turkey trip for May. I have definitely found booking useful and travel start as well! How did you get the hotels to sponsor you and Jacques?

    • Turkey is amazing. You are really going to love it. We stayed on the Asian side and took the Ferry across to the European side everyday. You can take a look at our trip on Trevolta it is a crowd funding platform.

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