What’s in my travel bag? 10 things I can’t leave behind

I travel quite frequently and I always make sure I have the absolute essentials when flying and travelling. There are some things that I simply will not get on board a plane without and make my life so much easier when I am away from home. These are the 10 things I won’t leave behind.


1. Medication…and lots of it. You will always find Stugeron in my bag. I am prone to travel sickness so I will never leave home without these meds.

2. Power Bank and cables. I cannot run the risk of a dead iPhone or iPad so to ensure this never happens, my power bank is always fully charged and cables are kept close by in case it needs a sudden boost of electrical juice.

3. Lip balm and moisturizer. Flying can leave your skin terribly dry. It is essential to keep your skin hydrated all the time by applying layers of moisturizer.

4. Pens. Because no one likes standing in long immigration and passport control queues waiting to fill in those pesky forms.

5. Bubblegum. Minty gum works the best and can be used for many different reasons. It helps you quickly freshen up your breath on those long flights and prevents your ears from exploding due to air pressure.

6. Gadgets. My iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air and earphones are always packed neatly into my carry on luggage. I simply cannot live without these gadgets, no matter where I am going.

7. Wet Wipes. You will always find wet wipes in my handbags because it is so versatile. Trust me on this one, pop a packet in your travel bag and you will quickly realize why it is such a life saver.

8. Socks. Never walk bare foot on a plane…..just don’t!

9. Snacks. Depending on your airline or time of flight, food doesn’t get severed for a while. Make sure you always have something to munch on, just in case. Nuts is always a winner.

10. The essentials. Don’t forget your credit cards, passport, health insurance (medical aid) card and drivers licence.

I am super excited to be using my Sivart Creative Studio backpack during my upcoming trip to America. It can easily store all my necessities and so cute to use.

One thought on “What’s in my travel bag? 10 things I can’t leave behind

  1. […] Sivart will be making sure we travel in style during our road trip. They will sponsoring one Essential Backpack and one Overnight Bag for us to use. To make things even more special, we will be using the bags from their Yellow Range which represents Cape Town, the World Design Capital for 2014. Take a look at this awesome newly completed overnight bag and don’t forget to take a sneak peek inside my Sivart Backpack. […]

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