What does the other side of Cape Town have to offer?

Cape Town is probably one of the most traveled to destinations in Africa, it is rich in its diversity and has tons to offer its visitors yet the majority of the attractions are either in the CBD or the Southern Suburbs. I live in the Northern Suburbs and I love it. It’s gorgeous and offers tons of things to do away from the hustle of the CBD. So, apart from the amazing food, what other things are there to do on this side of the mountain?

Visit Franschhoek

Nestled between towering mountains in the beautiful Cape Winelands lies the magnificent Franschhoek Valley. This small town has so much to offer those who visit. It is home to some of the worlds best chefs and wineries. Franschhoek’s French heritage of more than 300 years is evident in the towns buildings, shops and culture. The picturesque valley is perfect for photography lovers and those looking to just escape for a while.

Root 44 Market

We’ve got our hippie markets too you know! You will not be disappointed with the Root 44 market in Stellenbosch. It is open every Saturday and Sunday, come rain or shine! This is not your average market with just traders and food stalls; it provides entertainment too. Keep an eye out to see what bands are playing as you might just have the luck of watching someone well known play.


Cool Runnings Toboggan Track

Cool-Runnings Toboggan Track is the first downhill toboggan run in Africa. This summer version of snow tobogganing delivers the ultimate in safe, thrilling speed, in a bobsled on wheels down a 1,25 km winding track. Speed is regulated by the rider and there is no need to walk up the hill for your next go because you get on the sled at the bottom and let the automatic pully take you all the way to the top. Its perfect for adults and kids!


Blue Rock Water Activities

Blue Rock is situated on the beautiful slopes of the Helderberg Mountains, a stone’s throw away from Sir Lowry’s Pass. It is a cable water ski resort and restaurant where families come to wakeboard, picnic, play paintball, swim, fufi slide and more. It makes for an awesome day out for the entire family.


Giraffe House

I had so much fun visiting Giraffe House. This Wildlife Awareness centre provides easy access to some of Africa’s wonderful wildlife and bird species. Focusing on African wildlife, Giraffe House aims to provide a place for people to enjoy the outdoors, whilst experiencing and learning about animals and why they are special.


Vredenheim Wildlife & Winery

Vredenheim is approximately 320 years old and is one of the oldest wine estates in the Stellenbosch area of the Cape Winelands. It has so much to offer; your first stop should definitely be Barrique Restaurant and make sure you try their grape juice. After a relaxed lunch, head over to the Wild Cats Park where you can walk among some really fascinating white lions, tigers and other wild cats (they’re in their cages offcourse).


Paarl Rock

Paarl Rock is the bulbous granite outcrop that is part of the larger Paarl Mountain, standing out from miles away for its smooth, flawless appearance, from where it gets its name. If you’re keen for some adventure then rent out some climbing equipment and partake in some rock climbing. If you’re a scared cat like me then stick to the trails. Either way, you are promised some gorgeous views so ensure your phone is near by!



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