The low down on South Africa’s new low cost airline, FlySafair

Let’s face it, sometimes cheap is not always the option you go for, especially when flying. Sometimes spending just a little extra can ensure you get extra leg room, baggage allowance, more miles and just better reliability and trust. The South African airline space is not extremely competitive, with only a few operators dominating popular routes, you are not left with much choice and can sometimes fork out around R3000 for a single ticket (if you are desperate).

Introduce FlySafair and we now have a true low cost airline. When FlySafair launched I must admit I was very hesitant to fly with them. Surely there had to be something wrong with either the aircraft or the service for those prices?! Ticket prices were as low as R199 one way and that I just could not fathom.

This week I was forced to fly FlySafair and it left me very impressed! A round trip to Johannesburg cost less than R1000 – this blew my mind! It was far more cheaper than any of what the other airlines were offering.

So what’s the deal with FlySafair?

  • Tickets are super cheap but you pay R150 to check in luggage (carry on luggage remains free) – no problem here as this is adopting major international models especially in the USA. It is the perfect solution for business travelers.
  • You can check in online 24 hours before your flight and the process allows you to select seats including selecting the exit row. Extra leg room? Why, yes thank you!
  • Pricing of snacks is affordable and on par with other airlines however the options are limited. It’s best to just grab something from the airport before boarding.
  • It’s a pity but there isn’t a loyalty program as yet which means no airline miles. However I am certain this is soon to come.
  • The flight attendants don’t seem to have tons of experience and the pilot does not make many announcements throughout the flight.


The price of airline tickets in South Africa are sky rocketing and I definitely see myself booking a lot more flights via FlySafair again soon. Will you give them a try?


2 thoughts on “The low down on South Africa’s new low cost airline, FlySafair

  1. SAFAIR is cheap, yes, but they hide the extra costs. If you book via Pick ‘n Pay there is a Traveller Support Fee of R99. They also fail to mention the R150 extra required per bag. Airlines nowadays are about confidence and trust. The minute you start hiding this charge it arouses suspicion. Coupled with that, the FlySafair ads list only the very lowest price in the entire year. i.e. few customers will actually get that fare. Ryanair tried to do this and received a very poor response and a shady reputation as a result.

    • Hi Sean, I understand what you are saying and maybe they need to make their baggage policy more clear but at the moment it is quite visible on their site. As with any other 3rd party booking agent, there is going to be a fee but I suggest booking directly on their website. Even with their R150 for a bag policy, some of their flights work out incredibly cheaper than other airlines. I recently saw a single ticket on Kulula from JHB to CT for R3500.

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