A day of luxury pampering at Bakwena Spa

We recently spent the day at Bakwena Day Spa which is located at Sante Hotel in Paarl. Set in magnificent surroundings, Bakwena is the perfect place to escape to when you need a break. Bakwena Spa was developed by offering an innovative and creative approach to spa and spa therapy in South Africa. We were treated to a full day package which exquisitely spoils and indulges you the whole day long.


We began at 8am with a light breakfast and that gave us the time to absorb the beautiful views of the mountains and vineyards. Shortly afterwards, the much awaited treatments began. Each treatment was an hour long… it was pure bliss!

The package included:

1. Full body hot stone massage
Ancient stones carrying the energy of the earth invigorate and stimulated our body as warm oils are drizzled all over. The stones helped release the tension trapped deep within our muscles and improved circulation for sure!

2. Foot massage, ankle & calf massage
A one hour foot massage on sore feet can feel like heaven, let alone the wonderful relief one gets from a massage on your ankles and calves! We started of with this massage and it definitely set the tone for the day. I am pretty certain Jacques fell asleep during this treatment.

3. Scalp, neck and shoulder massage
Calming for the mind surprisingly deeply relaxing, ideal for the workaholic or those who endure mental as well as physical stress. I loved the shoulder massage, just the right amount of pressure was applied and I am certain I said goodbye to many knots.

4. Hand and forearm massage
Because we use our hands and arms in almost everything we do, it makes good sense to be kind to them to ensure loving hands can keep on giving.

5. Invigorating spa body treatment
Prepare your skin for the African summer with a full body exfoliation. We both chose the apricot exfoliation which definitely left our skin radiantly beautiful and soft, not to mention smelling delicious.

6. Hydrating African facial
The facial was amazing and was a 5 step process. The mask was made from clay and I noticed a huge difference afterwards; my skin was clearer and tighter.

7. Food
There was always enough to eat starting from a light breakfast, a full lunch and a snack platter in the afternoon. Drinks were flowing around the pool as well as sweet treats for those feeling for something to nibble.

8. Facilities
In the midst of our treatments, we were given an hour to just rejuvenate with a splash in the pool and jacuzzi.


I am already planning our next visit to Bakwena, it is the best value for money you will receive. We felt the stresses and tensions melt away as each treatment focused on our harmony and well-being. At the end of the day we felt radiant and in a state of deep relaxation in mind, body and soul.


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