Plotting out the route from New York to San Francisco

With only 55 days till we embark on a journey of a life time it is time for us to start plotting our exact route. Our trip starts in New York at the Parc Hotel and ends in San Francisco and Hotel Stratford. In between these two iconic places, we will be visiting so many beautiful states and towns.


The Trip

  • New York (start)
  • Pittsburg
  • Indianapolis
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Amarillo
  • Albuquerque
  • Flagstaff
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco (end)

Some of the things we should see on the drive?

  • Grand Canyon
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Cadillac Ranch

I bet there are so many amazing things to see on our trip, so please share your favourite stops, restaurants and road side attractions with us! We would love to visit them.

12 Amazing Sights we will see on our Road Trip

There are so many things we are looking forward to seeing on our road trip. I tried to narrow down one attraction for each of our pit stops. It was extremely difficult but here it is.

New York – Times Square

This is a famous New York attraction and looks incredibly exciting. It is the soul of NYC

Pittsburgh – Duquesne Incline

There is not that much that appeals to me in Pittsburgh; however this is cool

Indianapolis – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis is home to the Indi 500 and this is definitely not to be missed


Nashville – Country Music Hall of Fame

What?! It is the home of Country Music

New Orleans – Mississippi River

Only because The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was my absolute favourite

Dallas – Mesquite Rodeo

We are looking forward to a real cowboy experience

Amarillo – Cadillac Ranch

Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of cars sticking out the ground?

Albuquerque – Sandia Peak Tramway

To be honest, Jacques is looking forward to this the most.

Flagstaff – Antelope Canyon

On route to Las Vegas, we plan on driving through Page to see Antelope Canyon


Las Vegas – The famous Las Vegas sign

Call it cliche, but I am seriously looking forward to taking a picture with this sign


Los Angeles – Universal Studios, Hollywood

Because this is just too damn cool to miss


San Francisco – Alcatraz

I have a weird obsession with prisons and this is number 1 on my list


Tips for planning an awesome road trip

Going on a road trip can be extremely fun. You get to see so many different places and sights, you also have the freedom to stop wherever you like and do whatever you like. Here is few tips for planning the road trip.


Plot your route wisely using Google Maps

When planning a road trip, Google Maps is your biggest friend. You enter all the places you will be visiting and it will calculate the distance and time it will take you to get from point A to point B. What I find useful about Google Maps is that you can easily see other locations on the route that you may want to visit as well. Before using Google Maps ask yourself the following questions

  • How many days do you want to travel for?
  • Do you want to take the fastest route from A to B or the most scenic route?
  • What is the maximum distance you want to drive in one day?

Sort out your Accommodation

Once you have plotted all your routes on a map, you can now start looking for accommodation. Because road trips are much more expensive that usual holidays, you may find that your budget won’t allow you to stay at 5* hotels every night. Look for motels and lodges that offer much more affordable rates with breakfast and free parking. Hotels can charge quite a bit for parking so make sure you take that into account when booking your rooms. A great suggestion for quick one night stays would be to use Airbnb, this is great for those looking for an affordable place to crash.

Research Attractions

A road trip is all about the experience. It is not about the destination but rather about the journey. When doing your research about places to visit, do not forget the cities you will be driving through. Reference your route and look for major cities that you will be passing and check out what those places have to offer. Also take account for your time especially if the distances from place to place is long. You should plan for spontaneous stops at that cute roadside diner or weird tourist attraction for example.

Awesome Road Trip Mobile Apps

Roadtrippers – This app helps you plot your route as well as suggests attractions, restaurants and accommodation along the way.

Gas Buddy – Allows you to research the cheapest gas prices

Hotel Tonight – Last minute hotel deals are sold here. Hotels give them their unsold rooms and they show you the days best value deals.

Roadside America – It’s packed with easy-to-use, in-depth info and maps for the nation’s funniest and weirdest must-sees.

Free Visitors Guide for Albuquerque

One of the places we will be visiting on our great American road trip is Albuquerque and I couldn’t be more excited. Visiting Albuquerque allows you to experience the authentic Southwest. As one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Albuquerque boasts a unique multicultural heritage and history where Native American, Hispanic & Latino, Anglo and other cultural influences are a part of everyday life. If you are going to Albuquerque to experience the spectacular culture, abundance of activities and breathtaking landscape make sure you request a free Albuquerque visitors guide. I requested one a few days ago and was so surprised to see how quickly it arrived.  Let the planning begin.

Useful Albuquerque websites |

*Pictures courtesy of Visit Albuquerque Facebook Page.

What’s so great about Indianapolis?

Many people do not think of including Indianapolis in their travel plans when visiting the United States. However there are so many things that make Indianapolis like no place else and we knew that this had to be a place to stop over during our road trip. So what’s so great about Indianapolis anyway?

The Indianapolis 500

Mention the word Indianapolis and all you can think off is fast cars and racing. The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is an automobile race held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The event, billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, is considered one of three most prestigious motor sports events in the world. The official attendance is not disclosed by Speedway management, but the permanent seating capacity is upwards of 250,000, and infield patrons raise the race-day attendance to approximately 300,000.


White River State Park

White River State Park boasts world-class attractions and destinations that offer distinctive experiences for every interest and visitor! Yes, you will find green spaces, trails, trees, and waterways that you expect at any state park.  As America’s only cultural urban state park, it offers a unique blend of green space (Military Park, the Central Canal, White River itself) and cultural attractions – including the Indianapolis ZooWhite River Gardens; the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art; the NCAA Hall of Champions; the IMAX Theater; the Indiana State MuseumVictory Field and a premier outdoor concert venue, Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park.


Public Art

Art should not be limited to the walls of a museum and sometimes needs to be on display for everyone to see. Making art public allows for transformation of people and cities. Indianapolis is famous for its public art and provides a new way for people to experience the city. This makes the city and affordable cultural destination for people from all over the United States as well as the world. Visit Indy has a list of public art available for you to see. Make sure you take a look.



I am certain there are tons more exciting things to do in Indianapolis. Let us know which places we should visit by leaving a comment below. If you are looking for more info on Indianapolis as well as coupons and special take a look at Visit Indy –

Do you prefer Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

Anything I know about New York I probably learnt from watching Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. When deciding on visiting New York I instantly thought we would stay somewhere in Manhattan close to Times Square and Central Park. I mean who wouldn’t want to live the Serena Van Der Woodsen life in Upper East Side.


After doing some research I realized that living the Dan Humphrey lonely boy life in Brooklyn wouldn’t be that bad either. A few miles from Manhattan, just over the bridge, is an amazing part of New York City. There is so much culture and the neighborhoods look great.

Have you visited New York? Are you more of an Upper East Side person or do you prefer Brooklyn? Let us know what your favourite places, restaurants and attractions are and we will be sure to visit them.