Hotel Stratford

If travelers were to pinpoint on a map the number-one location in San Francisco, it would probably be right outside the door of Hotel Stratford. Located just off Union Square in San Francisco, with the famed cable cars passing by every few minutes, the Stratford offers the convenience and excitement of being right in the center of the City, but at an affordable price. With over 80 modern rooms, guests get to enjoy this magnificent City by the Bay in style and comfort. The management at Hotel Stratford await the pleasure of your company, be it for business or leisure.

Did you know, Hotel Stratford is part of the cTwo Hotel chains? Let Hotel Stratford be your number one choice when looking for conveniently located accommodation in San Francisco.


What about Hotel Stratford excites us

Location – Location when traveling is everything! Hotels located just outside of the city are sometimes more affordable but then one would need to pay for traveling costs to get into the city on a day to day basis. Hotel Stratford is conveniently located on Union Square and right next to the tram lines. How much better could it actually get? Also, they are situated right next to Lush which is even more perfect.

Free Wi-Fi – Many hotels and restaurants around the world offer free wi-fi and this is something most Americans are used too. South Africans on the other hand don’t always have access to free wi-fi at hotels. It is usually something you have to pay for. Having access to free wi-fi at Hotel Stratford will also us to continuously update our blog and social media platforms with details about our road trip.

Free Breakfast – Once again, most hotels have two rates, one with breakfast and one without. This hotel offers complimentary breakfast to all guests regardless of their room type. This is super amazing as we usually book the rooms without breakfast to save some cash. By staying at Hotel Stratford we are guaranteed an energy boost in the morning to kick start our day.


If you are looking for accommodation in Union Square, San Francisco then book your room today at Hotel Stratford.

Sponsorship Details

Hotel Stratford will be sponsoring our accommodation for four days during our stay in San Francisco.


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