Zacatecas is an authentic Mexican taqueria and tequila bar located in Nob Hill, Albuquerque created by Chef Mark Kiffin. Named for a region in central Mexico known for its classic, cross cultural blend of foods and recipes, Zacatecas offers a variety of soft tacos with fresh, organic ingredients and a Margarita bar featuring tequilas and beer exclusively from Mexico.



Zacatecas’ open dining room includes photo panels of Zacatecas, Mexico and vibrant hand-made paper mache skulls, Mariachi statues and Day of the Dead décor that rests on a handmade 15’ zinc bar. Zacatecas’ glass doors provide fresh air and a view of a bustling Central Avenue in the spring and summer months.

Kiffin continues to own and operate The Compound Restaurant, known for its elegance and historic significance as a fine dining restaurant in Santa Fe. “The Compound Restaurant’s contemporary American cuisine is derived from Santa Fe’s rich heritage of regional and Mediterranean influences. Zacatecas is an extension of culinary traditions from central Mexico. Offering something authentic and new has always been my vision.”


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